George Kokkonis


George Kokkonis (Phd. Musicologist)

Assistant Professor at the «Department of Traditional Music», TEI of Epirus

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George Kokkonis was born in Serres. He is married and father of two boys. He studied in Paris composition (École Normale), jazz composition-orchestration (CIM) and mostly musicology at Paris VIII University, focusing on greek music (art and popular). In 1997 he received, a Master (DEA) from Paris VIII University, («The tonal period of the composer Y.A. Papaioannou») and in 2006 at the same university a PHD («The issue of greekness in Greek art music»).

From 1987 to 1990 he worked in Paris at the Bibliothèque Publique d'Information (Centre National d'Art et de Culture “Georges Pompidou”) and at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France. In 1991 assumed the position of musicologists-Librarian in the Library of IRCAM - CNRS in Paris and remained in that position until late 1993 when he returned to Greece. In 1998, he was the principal coordinator of the foundation of the Department of Traditional Music, TEI of Epirus (Arta) and the Department of Technology of Musical Instruments, TEI of Ionian Islands (Lixouri). Since 2002 he is a permanent staff member at the Department of Traditional Music and head of the «Greek Music Archives».

Since the beginning of his research activity is involved in several scientific conferences in Greece and abroad, and regularly publishes articles and studies on art and popular musical traditions of Greece.


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Kokkonis G. (ed.), Music from Epirus, Foundation of the Hellenic Parliament, Athens: 2008 (in greek)

Kokkonis G., La question de la grécité dans la musique néohellénique, De Boccard, Paris: 2008

Kokkonis G., Popular musiacal Traditions, Fagottobooks, Athens: 2017

Kokkonis G. (ed.), Music from Thessaly, Foundation of the Hellenic Parliament, Athens: 2018, forthcoming (in greek)

Selection of recent publications: