The Department of Traditional Music belongs to the School of Arts of TEI of Epirus and is located in Arta; it was founded in 1999 (Government Gazette 200/6-9-1999) and its first students were enrolled in the academic year 2000-01. It studies the originality, complexity and distinctiveness of traditional musics substantiating on them an original pedagogical music training system

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The curriculum covers all the areas related to this specific field. It was certified by the Institute of  Technology and Research (ITR) (3304/21.12.00) and since then it is regularly updated. Its originality is based on the fact that it serves a scientific-research area which has not had up to now an independent standing in the Greek academic context and therefore could not rely on a beaten track.

The knowledge which the DTM is expected to pass on is not codified and accessible following the ordinary academic route. It is oral knowledge, which constantly changes and in natural conditions transmitted with a rather experiential way than a logical one. That is why the curriculum of DTM combines theoretical training and instrumental practice without however assuming the systematization of the study of  music according to the logic music academies. A priority is given to the use of new technologies in research and during the educational process, but also to the inter-thematic pillars that reveal the music phenomenon as a total social phenomenon. The functional articulation of different teaching forms (lecture, tutorial, workshop) allows the optimization of the reaching educational practice  for achieving the above goals.

Let it be noted that for the implementation of the program, active musicians were recruited to teach; their institutional admission in the tertiary education was done under the original drafting of the legislative framework for the new category of Laboratory Teaching Staff (LTS) that emerged with the initiative of DTM.

The professional rights of the Department’s graduates were approved by the Ministry of Education from the first year of the Department’s opening (PD 141/19-05-2003)

Today the Department is housed at the premises of TEI of Epirus in the campus of Kostakioi Artas; it  has a variety of music labs, organized computer music lab, an autonomous laboratory for the construction and maintenance of musical instruments, as well as a fully equipped recording studio.

The Main Library of the Institution and the Music Archive which was founded with the initiative of the Department, provide a rich amount of printed and sonic documentation material on relevant fields. 

Since its foundation the Department  initiated a constructive dialogue with the academic community. Conferences, meetings, seminar courses and publications have become institutional with the support of the State’s “Curriculum Reformation Project”.  The participation of the Department in various music productions (“Open gates” concerts, happenings, radio shows etc) is also remarkable.