Greek Music Archive

Archives2The Greek music Archive of the Department of Traditional Music is hosted in a specially designed room that is located in the Institutional Library (Arta, Kostakioi Campus). Tel.: (+30)2681050458, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

There the collection of audio-visual material is kept along with the relevant equipment that allows for its use.  The borrowing of the material is allowed only to students and members of staff for educational and research purposes only.

Following the appropriate archiving methods and with constant updates, the archive caters not only for  the needs of the DTM, but it constitutes an autonomous research unit that contains all the necessary equipment and material, in order to serve the needs of any kind of relevant research. The available material is digitized and archived and  is accessible through streaming.

The Greek Music Archive, and the Technological Educational Institute of Epirus more generally,  seeks to communicate and interact with all bodies and organizations, mainly regional and central, that aim to document local musical traditions. Furthermore, it seeks to make use of and highlight their work and thus becomes a hub connecting all relevant  reserach and activities.  

Greek music tradition as a study object does not constitute a consolidated corpus of knowledge and as a result of that, its academic status is often partial, fragmented and incomplete. Beyond research on greek song and instrumental music, the Greek Music Archive aims to achieve visibility internationally – mainly in the Balkans and the Mediterranean area.

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In this light the collected material features the following characteristics:

I. Collection and archiving of publications related to research conducted in Greece. Such a data basis beyond its obvious archival significance, has an additional methodological importance; At the same time it offers an overview of the way this specific field of study has been developed through time

II. Creation of cd collection that gradually aims to collect all the published audio recordings of Greek traditional music; this material is complemented by accompanying data, such as booklets, music transcriptions, photographs, etc.

ΙΙΙ. Video (DVD) archive related to this specific field of study