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Permanent Laboratory Collaborator

 of the Department of Traditional Music of TEI Ipirou.

Canditate for the position Permanent Laboratory Collaborator

Step B' in speciality of Traditional Percussion Instruments.




Surname: Pavlou

Name: Eleftherios

Father's Name: Ioannis

Date of birth: 27/06/1968

Place of birth: Thsessaloniki

Marital status: Married, two children

Wife's surname: Ioanna Christodoulaki, Phychologist

Home Address: Ag. Vasileiou 42, Arta

Acacemic Status: Permanent Laboratory Collaborator Step B' in Speciality of Tradional Percussion Instruments

Address Workstation: Department of Tradional Music TEI Ipirou, Kostakioi, 471 00 Arta




2013: Graduate of the Special Department Harmony of Theoritical Shcool, of Music Shcool ,

Municipality of Lagada, Thessaloniki.


2011: Degree in Byzantine Music from Byzantine Music School of municipal Shcool of Thermi, Municipality Thermis, Thessaloniki


1988-2001: Attendance in courses in Music School , Thessaloniki


1985- 1987: Attendance in courses in Jazz Percussion Instruments in the Music School of Thessaloniki with the instructor Kostas Pagonidis



5 June 2004: Meeting , Department of Traditional Music tei Ipirou, Arta


30 May 2004: Meeting Construction and Maintenance of demotic instruments with the vapporteur A. Stefanakis and Faruk Tununz, Department 

of Traditional Music TEI Ipirou, Arta.

17 February 2013: Seminar for the percussion and the Lebanese National Conservatory of Music in the frame of MediMuses project, Thessaloniki

1 December 2002: Masterclasses of the International Oud Meeting, organised by as part of the MediMuses project, Thessaloniki.



 1983: Collaborations with acclaimed musicians from the field of rebetico, modern greek demotic scene and traditional music. Accomplishment of concerts and music events in all the territory of Greece and abroad.Indicatevely collaborrations were fulfiled with noted rebetes such as Mario, Nakos Kiproulis ( Chodronakos), Agathonas Iakovidis, Sophia Emfietzi, Takis Binis, Babis Tsertos.

 From the field of modern demotic scene there were collaborations for many years with Kostas Papadopoulos, Melina Kana, Christos Mitretzis, Lizeta kalimeri, Andreas Karakotas, Petros Gaitanos, Nikos Ziogalas, Katerina Siapada, Manolis Famelos, Glikeria, Manolis Rasoulis, Anastasia Moutsatsou, Petros Dourdoubakis, Sophia Papazoglou, Kostas Pratsinakis, Maria Papanikolaou, Dimitris Zervoudakis and Gerasimos Andreatos.


From the field of tradional music there were collaborations for many years with Chronis Aidonidis, Kariofilis Doitsidis, Labriana and Theopoula Doitsidou, Nikos and Giasemi Saragouda, Nitsa Tsitra, Ilias Soukas, Christos Zotos, Stathis Koukoularis, Ksanthipi Karathanasi, Nadia Karagianni, Petroloukas Chalkias, Nikos Philippidis, Nikos Alvanopoulous, Giorgos Giaremis, Grigoris Kapsalis, the priest- Anastasis, Solonas Lekas, and the last Kostas Koufogiakos and Vasilis Soukas.

 1991- 1995: Participation in the Band of Traditional Music of the Municipality of Thessaloniki as music player of traditional musical instruments, municipality of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki.

 1993- 2003: Participation in the band , having given concerts all over Greece and abroad, and seven records.( Details in personal artwork.

 2007: Participation in the music band with many concerts all over Greece.

 2008: Participation in the music band with many concerts all over Greece.

 2009: Participation in the music band with many concerts all over Greece.

 2010 : Participation in the music band with many concerts all over Greece.

 2011: Fouder of the music band which deals songs from the villages of Strantza of the Black Sea of northeastern Thrace.

 2012:  Founder of the band which deals traditional songs from different places all over Greece.



 26 up to 28 October 2013: Originator in the 5th Seminar Greek Traditional Dancing which was organised by   the Center Organisation Events, and the Historic and Folklore Centre Almopias < Alismonites Patrides in Loutraki Aridaias.

 17 up to 26 August 2012: Originator in rhythm issues of the Greek Traditional Music and Tradition of the area of Stranza Northeastern Thrace in the 2nd Olympus Greek Dance and Culture Seminar which was organised by and the Centre Organisation Events in the Olympic Coast Pierias, Pieria.

 2006- 2007: Teaching of Traditional Percussion, Mucic School Filippos Nakas, Thessaloniki.

 2003- up to now: Teaching of Traditional Percussion, Dancing Group of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki.

 2003: Presentation of percussion fot the courses Upper Music Education of the European Programme MediMuses in Tunis, Republic of Tunis Ministry of Upper Education, scientific research and technology, Upper Music Institute, Tunis.

 The programme MediMuses is about the research and reconstruction principles of the Mediterranean music tradition and the configuration of consciousness of the common music heritage.Different countries participated: France, Spain, Italy, Greece, United Kingdom, Jordan, Turkey, Syria, Cyprus, Egypt and Tunis.

 2001- up to now: Permanent Laboratory Collaborator of the Department of the Demotic and Traditional Music, in subjects: Skill - Traditional Percussion, Music Subjects, Laboratory of Education 1, Rhythmology 1 and 2.

1999- 2001: Teaching of Traditional Percussion Holy Bishopric of Veria Naousa and Kabania Byzantine School and Traditional Music , Veria.

 1998- 2005: Teaching of Traditional Percussion, Music School Toubas K. Matsigou, Thessaloniki.

 1997: Presentation and performance of Traditional Percussion in form of seminar, Traditional Demotic Laboratory Kavalas, Kavala.

 1996- 2000: Teaching of Traditional Percussion, Demotic Business of Culture Verias, Veria.

 1993- 2003: Teaching of Traditional Percussion, toubeleki, tabor, daireh and defi in the School of Traditional and Byzantine Music , School of Traditional and Byzantine Music , Thessaloniki

 1991- 1993: Training Seminars of Traditional Music in the Organisation of Culture of Municipality Sikeon, Municipality Sikeon, Thessaloniki.


 Toubeleki and the rhythm through dances, songs and instrumental tunes. Publications of the Department Demotic and Traditional Music- Fagotto, Athens 2006.

It's a try of recording the knowest rhythms of repertoire of tarmpouka as they appear in Greece. This recording is supported in the vebal tradition and it's a result of modern research and of many years encounter with musicians. The target of the writing it's not a simple presentation of these rhythms but an initiation in riches and fascination of the tradition. This version includes a cd in which there are all the rhythmic motifs that are mentioned in the book. In this way every reader can listen to these rhythms.




 1995 October, Music Performance of Oration and Dance , Doctors of the World in the hall ceremony of the University of Thessaloniki.


 1997 September, YAPI KREDI FESTIVAL, concert of the mucic band , with the participation of Turkish skilfull musicians, Instabul.


 1997 October, Anthem for Freedom, an event of the Perfecture of Thessaloniki in honour to the President of Democracy, Thessaloniki.


 1997 October, EUROPEAN DISCOVERIES FESTIVAL, as an event for the cultural capital 1997, Logia Music of Instabul, akritika songs kai songs of Macedonia, London.


 1997 October, Concerts as a performance Chants Sacres en Mediterranee, Marseille.


 1998 March, Concert which fulfilled the event A TASTE OF BYZANTIUM, for the Byzantine Festival in London, London.


 1998 October, MUsic Performance for HELEXPO and ET-3 with the national serbian television ( TRS), Belgrade


 2000 April, Concert in the Concert Hall of Athens in collaboration with Persians and Turkish artists.


 2001 June, Music Performance a tribute in traditional song with the music band in the Theatre Dasous of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki.


 2001 July, Concert in the Mikro Theatre of ancient Epidaurus as part of the Music July 2001 in organisation of the Concert Hall of Athens with artists from, Tunis and Lebanon, Epidaurus.


 2001 October, Concert in Venice in Palazo Guerini as part for the events that are organised by the cultural organisation Byzantine Festival in London, Venice.


 2001 October, Concert from the music band in Kastra: with the sponshorship of the Ministry of Culture Department of Byzantine Antiquities, Thessaloniki.


 2002 June, Concert in the Theatre Dasous Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki


 2002 July, Concert in Giannena, as part in Festival Music Antistikseis in the Mediterranean which is organised by the cultural centre of the Municipality Ioanninon, Ioannina.


 2002 October, Concert in the Concert Hall of Thessaloniki in collaboration with Persian and Libanese artists, Thessaloniki.


 2002 October, Concert in Marseille as part of the Chants Sacres en Mediterranee, Marseille.


 2002 December, Two- day performances in the Concert Hall of Thessaloniki with the sponsorship of the Ministry of Culture, Thessaloniki.


 2003 March, Concert in Pordedone of Italy as part of performances in memory of the Greek Vasilis Vasilikos, Italy.


 2003 April, , presentation by the music band songs from Instabul, Coast of the Asia Minor,Oinoussian, Macedonia and Thraceas as a part of the H' Panhellenic Congress in the Functio Rooms of the University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki.


 2003 April, Concert with the Dance Group of Thessaloniki, , with the sponsorship of the Ministry of Culture and the support of the Ministry Macedonia and Thrace, of the Prefectural of Thessaloniki and the Municipality Kalamarias in the Function Rooms of the University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki.


 2003 May, Concert in Brussels in collaboration with the Cultural Organisation MNIMES VIZADIOU with the sponsorship of the Ecumenical Patriarch Vartholomaios and the financial support of the Ministry of Culture, Brussels.


 2003 May, Concert in Luxembourg in collaboratio with the Club of Greek Dances and Culture, Luxembourg.


 2003 May, Music Performance for the 550 years from the Invasion of Instabul fron the Educational Club Florina , Florina.


 2003 August, Concert as a part of with the band , from Smyrna up to Pireus and America, with the sponsorship of the Ministry of Culture and the support of the Ministry Macedonia Trace, Thessaloniki.


 2003 September, Concert with the music band <>, In Music Neighbourhoods Against Racism, a tribute in social cohesion and solidarity, in Moni Lazariston with the sponsorship of the Ministry of Culture, Thessaloniki.


 2004 October, Concert as a part of an Interbalcan Meeting in the University of Belgrade in the Mousikology Department with teachers of TEI Artas, Belgrade.


 2005 July, Participation in the 43th International Folkror Festival Lefkadas with the band Idiomelo Dilec Kots and Georgi Petrov, Lefkada.


 2005 Concert with Xronis Aidonidis and the choir of Aristoteleio College as a part of the Dimitrion in the Function Rooms of the University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki.


 2006 February, Participation in the 61th sagra del mandorlo in fiore- Folkror Festival with Dance Club EL.KE.LAM., Italy.


 2006 May, Event for the Invasion of Instabul in the Municipalty of Askios with the Choir of Byzantine Music of the Music School Thessaloniki, Kozani.


 2006 June, Concert of Byzantine and Traditional Music in IB' Pavlia with the choir <>, Thessaloniki.


 2006 June, Music Performance in the 1st Meeting of cultural clubs of the Municipality of Thessaloniki in the coast of Thessaloniki with the sponsorship of the Prefectural of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki.


 2006 July, Participation in the 5th Festival of Traditional Dance in Kanali of the Municipality Zalogou with the Cultural Club Kiminion of the Prefectural of Thessaloniki, Preveza.


 2007 May, Concert with Chronis Aidonidis as a part of <> in the Function Room of the University of Thessaloniki.


 2007 August, Participation in the XV FESTIVAL, in Portugal with teachers of the T.L.P.M. of TEI Ipirou introducing music from the time of , Portugal.


 Concert of traditional music in honour of A' Session of Presidents of TEI for the year 2007- 2008, Arta.


 2008 June, Concert: From the earth up to the stars in the theatre Lofou Kilkis, OPONTA municipality of Kilkis in collaboration with the 2nd Primary School of kilkis.


 2009 April, 15th Cultural- Dance for two days of the Cultural Athletic Club of the Municipality of Lagadas, Municipality of Lagadas.


 2009 July, The Friends of Music Club Samothrace & the Prefectural of Evros introduce with songs of Manos Chatzidakis , Therma, Samothrace.


 2009 November, 1st Choir Festival with songs from Asia Minor, Macedonia, Ipiros, Thrace. Organisation: Cultural Club of Refugees from Asia Minor of Nea Krini, Theatraki Chilis, Kalamaria, Thessaloniki. 


 2010 March, 3rd Choir Festival of Neas Mesimvrias. Oraganisation: Cultural Club of Neas Mesimvrias, Cultural Centre of Neas Mesimvrias.


 2010 April, Concert with the title: , organisation of the Municipality of Thessaloniki in collaboration with the Churches of Saint Therapontos and Osias Xenis. There is the participation of the theatrical group <>, The Deaf Society, The Prefecture of Thessaloniki and Thrace and the dancing part of the association of cancer of Macedonia and Thrace, Theater Anteon, Thessaloniki.


 2010 October, Presentation of Unknown Demotic Songs for the Macedonian Struggle, in the Hall of .F.A.A.TH.


 November 2010, 2nd Seminar of Greek Traditional Dances: <> with the subject of the music and dance tradition of Eastern Thrace and Asia MInor which was organised by the and the Organisation Cultural Event in the Coast of Katerini.


 2010 December, Concert entitled: Organisation: Folkror Society Poligirou. Participation of the Theatre Workshop Poligirou, Poligiros Thessaloniki.


 2011 April, Two- day of Cultural Events entitled; <>. Organisation by the cultural Athletic Club Lagadas, Function Room of the 2nd High School of Lagada, Lagada, Thessaloniki.


 2011 August, 3rd Festival of Gainas of Central Macedonia which was organised by the Cultural Club Trikalon Imathias in Trikala Imathias.


 November 2011, 3rd Seminar of Greek Traditional Dances with the subject of the music and dance tradition of Crete and Karpathos which was organised by the <>and the Cultural Centre of Events in the coast of Katerini, Katerini.


 2011 December, Celebration <>. Organisation: Progressive Club Aretsous DERKON, established 1952- 2002 in the Hall of the Church of Neas Krinis Kalamarias, Kalamaria, Thessaloniki.


 2012 February, Choirs Festival in Zografio High School in Istanbul, Istanbul.


 2012 May, Performance entitled: Kalos ta... ta poulakia mou..>>. Organisation: Lyceum of Greek Women of Xanthi, Auditorium of the Municipality of Xanthi, Xanthi.


 2012 June, Klidonas 2012 & 9th Cultural Meeting with dances from all over Greece. Organisation Cultural Club of Refugees of Asia Minor of Neas Krinis with the support of the Municipality Kalamarias, Oulof Palme Park, Kalamaria.


 2012 June . Organisation: Lyceum of Greek Women, Municipality of Drama, DEKPOTA with the participation of the Educational Cultural Club Xiropotamou, Theatraki Agias Varvaras, Drama.


 2012 August, 4th International Festival of Bagpipe of Central Macedonia which was organised by the Cultural Club Trikalon Imathias in Trikala Imathias.


 2012 November, 4th Congress- Seminar of Greek Traditional Dances- Customs with subject which was organised by the Regional Entity of Pieria, the Municipality of Katerini, the <> and the centre of Organisation Events in Katerini.


 2012, Participation in the movie of Giannis Oikonomidis entitled <>. The movie will be on in 2014.


 2013 March <> with the participation of the Social Liaison of the residents of Charilaou , Dance Church Agias Paraskevis Menemenis and the Research Centre of Traditional Dance of Popular Culture <>, Function Room of the University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki


 2013 June, Klidonas 2013 & 10th Cultural Meeting with dances from all over Greece. Organisation: Cultural Club of Refugees of Asia Minor Neas Krinis with the sponsorship of the Municipality of Kalamaria, Oulof Palme, Kalamaria.


 2013 September, , Municipality Moudanion Municipal EPOKAM, Cultural Club of Saint Mamas, hall Epokam, Agios Mamas, Chalkidiki.




Traditional music


: RELICS OF EASTERN ROMILIA AND EASTERN THRACE, traditional songs of those areas, Collection- Custody: Giorgis Melikis. Record Company: Panhellenic Confederacy Thracian Clubs ( PCTC).


: Chronis Aidonidis, <> with Grigoris & Petros Papaemanouil ( double cd), record company: ano kato records.


: MACEDONIA, SONGS AND DANCES OF MACEDONIA, REGISTRY OF GREEK MUSIC. Art direction: G. Konstantzos- Ch. Aidonidis, Ch. Mitropanos. Production- Registry of Greek Music.




: Trust, Traditional sonds of recourse from joy and marriage. Giorgos Ouroumis, Friends of Music Club Almopias . Production: Friends of Music Club Almopias .


:IDIOMELO, traditional songs with Matthaiou brothers and Petroloukas Chalkias, record company: ano kato records.


: IDIOMELO- EGNATIA ODOS, traditional songs with Matthaiou brothers. Grigoris Kapsalis and Chalkina Goumenissas, record company: fm records


: COLOURS, traditional songs for love with the students of the 1st High School Florina, record company: 2002 1st High School Florina


: PARADOTEON, traditional songs with the students of the 1st High School Florina, record company: High School of Florina- May 1998.


: NIKISIANI, STROLLING OVER TIME, with the choirof Byzantine Music & Demotic Song of the Cultural Club Nikisiannoton Georgianioton Thessalonikis . Guest contribution GLIKERIA. Record company: EROS MUSIC AE, 2000.


: IN THE PATHS OF TRADITION, with Elina Papanikolaou, record company: ALPHA MI RECORDS


: DANCES AND SONGS OF THE ORPHIC LAND, Dance Club of Thessaloniki, April 2003 Function Room of the University of Thessaloniki, record company: Dance Club of Thessaloniki.( DCT)


: FEGGARAKI MOU LAMPRO... FEGGE MOU NA TRAGOUDO, traditional songs by the choir of the Evening High School Ampelokipon with Drosos Koutsokostas, June 2003 record company: EMES PRES, Prefectural of Thessaloniki, Parents and Guardians Association od the Evening High School of Thessaloniki.


: PATHS OF TRADITION, choir of the music cultural club Evropos, record company: independent production Music Cultural Club Evropos.


:TS' AGIAS TRIADAS TIN AVLI..., dances and songs from Flampouro Olympus by the 4th High School Polichni ( Meteora) with the sponsorship from the Olympic Education Programme of the YPEPTH. Custody registability: Paliogiannis Dimitrios, Pavlou Lefteris.


: IPEIROTIKO GLENTI, live recording ( 3cd box), Song: Christos Agriodimos, record company: alpharecords.


: KARSI, songs from the common tradition of Greek and Turkish of the Asia Minor with Dilec Kots, record company: Music corner.

: TRADITIONAL ASIA MINOR SONGS, Our songs, Cultural Club Neas Krinis , record company: Cultural Club Neas Krinis .


: prosAnatolismoi, Music Band prosAnatolismoi record company: prosAnatolismoi.


: Greek Music Workshop ( GMW), Songs of the Macedonian Struggle ( From Eastern Macedonia), Petros & Grigoris Papaemmanouil with friendly participation Areti Ketime. Sponsor: Charity of Adelfotis Men of Thessaloniki, year of establishment 1871, Thessaloniki, September 2010. 


: Music Flashback in Pontiac Tradition, Golfo Tsakalidou, Musical Director- lyre Michalis Kaliontzidis. Publishing house of Kiriakidis brothers A.E.,Thessaloniki.


Modern Greek Music


: The Cell, Thomas Korovinis with : Maria Fotiou and Dimitris Dervoudakis, record company: IANOS


: TAKIMIA, Thomas Korovinis with Voula Savvidis and Lizeta Kalimeris with Mario and Sophia Emfietzi. Record company: fm records.


: Stavros Ziogas and coastal fishermen , record company:tinella.


: HERE I WILL GET OFF, with Kostas Pratsinakis, record company: MILOS, 1998


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: SINECHES ORARIO, with Giannis Mitsis, record company: E.2, Greek Club of Discography E.P.E.


: ALEXANDER, a Rock Opera of Kostas Atheridis- under publication.


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: Natsiou Sophia: Tonight. Participation: Areti Ketime, Dilec Koc, Sophia Emfietzi, Maria Fotiou.


: Vasiliki Drakopoulou: Thelo na pio mia thalassa ( I want to drink a sea), production: OXYGEN.


Cultural Organisation EN CHORDAIS


: LEILA AND METZOUN, a soundtrack in the erotic epic of the Irakis poet Fouzoulis ( 17th century) in translation and recitation of Thomas Korovinis, record company: Lyra.


: EXPECTATION (PROSMONI), music of Kiriakos Kalaitzidis for the Disclosure of Ioan and music of Istanbul for the National Theatre of Northern Greece, record company: En Chordais.


: THALASSA THIMISOU ( SEA REMEMBER), songs from Oinousa and the coast of Asia Minor, record company: En Chordais, publications: Maritime Museum of Oinousa. Dual disc with songs from the tradition of Oinousa, which was recorded live in the island with the participation of native musicians and singers.


: FILI KALOS ORISATE ( FRIENDS WELCOME) songs from the Eastern Romilia, in collaboration with the Prefecture of Kilkis and the radio station, 9,58. Art and Music Direction: Lefteris Pavlou. Record company: En Chordais.


: ZACHARIAS O XANEDES, works of the Greek composer of Istanbul ( 17th century), music band En Chordais. Record Company: En Chordais.


: SECULAR MUSIC FROM HAGHIORITIC CODES OF BYZANTINE MUSIC with the music band En Chordais. With the sponsorship: Thessaloniki CULTURAL CAPITAL OF EUROPE 1997 Holy Community Athos.


: EXORIA ( EXILE), Kiriakos Kalaitzidis, record company: En Chordais.


The disc contains the song of Fouzoulis in custody, translation and reading of the litterateur Thomas Korovinis with soundtrack by the music band .