Aspasia (Sissie) Theodosiou

Assistant Professor

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Aspasia (Sissie) Theodosiou studied Philosophy at the University of Ioannina and Mass Media and Communication at the University of Athens. She gained her MA and PhD in Social Anthropology from the University of Manchester. She has taught anthropology of music at the Department of Traditional Music since 2004, having previously taught at the Department of Social Anthropology (University of Manchester). Her teaching experience includes the Department of Management of Cultural Environments and New Technologies (University of Ioannina) and the Hellenic Open University (School of Humanities). During the period 2009-2013 she was an MC member of the international research network COST Action ISO 803 «Remaking eastern borders in Europe: a network exploring social, moral and material relocations of Europe’s eastern peripheries» (European Cooperation in Science and Technology). Her research affiliations include also the Department of Social Anthropology (University of Manchester) and the educational Content, Methodology and Technology Laboratory of the Hellenic Open University. She has conducted extensive field research with musicians in Epirus, and more specifically with Gypsy musicians on the Greek –Albanian border in NW Greece. In her long term ethnographic research she focused on issues such as musical performances and practices, the politics of place and location, ethnic identities, the politics of culture and tradition, the borders as well as questions related to multiculturalism and embodiment.In her more recent ethnographic research she has been concerned with communities of practice and learning practices in a technologically enhanced study environment (among the students of the Hellenic Open University). Her current research interests revolve around the politics of Ottoman music practice in today’s Istanbul.


Recent Publications

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