Markos Skoulios

Markos Skoulios
Ethnomusicologist & Music Performer
Department of Traditional Music
Technological Educational Institute of Epirus
Arta, Greece


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Markos Skoulios’s research both as an ethnomusicologist and a music perfomer, focuses on the phenomenon of melodic modalityspecializing on the multi-intervallic multi-modal systems found in the area between East Mediterranea and India (such as Ottoman-Turkish and Arabic Makams, Persian Dastgahs, Indian Ragas and Byzantine Octoechos). His strong background in exact sciences (Bachelor and Masters in Electrical Engineering, University of Patras) combined with his close relationship with music practice, led him to an applied and computational approach to systematic musicological analysis. He holds a Masters in Ethnomusicology from SOAS, University of London (specialization on music of the Near and Middle East – supervisor Prof. Owen Wright). His PhD research (under the supervision of Prof. Giannelos Dimitrios – Department of Music Studies, Ionian University) focused on a large scale comparison of the multi-modal systems of Ottoman-Turkish Makams and Hindustani Ragas.      

Among his performance instructors were Cinuçen Tanrıkorur, Ömer Erdoğdular,Ümit Gürelman, Murat Tokaç, Caner Şahin, Darius Tala’i, Rahim Khoshnawwaz, Bachalal Mishra,Santosh Mishra,Panagiotis Neohoritis, Nikos Saragoudas, Kyriakos Kalaitzides and Lefteris Mitropoulos. 

Ever since 1994 he worked as a professionalmusician collaborating with many groups, taking part in numerous concerts and recordings in Greece and abroad. In 2006he was invited to participate as a soloist in the International Ney meeting in Jerash festival (Amman, Jordan). He is the founder and coordinatorof Maye Ensemble, a group specializing in Greek and Near and Middle Eastern repertoire.

In the period between 1994 and 2002 he taught the Oud, the Ney and theory of melodic modality, in several state or private music schools and conservatories. Between 2002-5 he undertook the coordination of a research group of leading musicologists (Walter Feldmann, Mahmud Guettat, Ruhi Ayangil, Darius Tala’i, Toufik Kerbage and Thomas Apostolopoulos)  working on the theory of Mediterranean modal classical traditions, in the frame of  "MediMuses", a three year program funded by the European Community and realised by the "En Chordais" organization.

Since the fall of 2003 he teaches in the Department of Traditional Music of the Technological Educational Institute of Epirus. He has taught courses on modal analysis and Makam theory, theory and chanting practice of Byzantine music, Eastern classical and world music, technical courses on acoustics and music informatics as well as Oud and Ney performance classes. Besides theory and performance courses, he is the founder and director of "Narda Music Ensemble", an orchestra of traditional instruments played by students of the above mentioned department, specializing in Greek and Eastern modal repertoire.

At the same time he publishes scientific papers, participates in international musicological symposiums and conferences (Marseille, London, Istanbul) and gives lectures and seminars on issues concerning eastern modal traditions and their relation to Greek musical idioms (at the Universities of Aix en Provence-France, Yildiz University - Istanbul Turkey, University of Gottingen-Germany, or the annual encounters of Mediterranean Music Schools in Damascus and Genoa etc.). 

Selected publications


"Aspects generating variety in Eastern melodic multi-modality" (2018) to be published in the proceedings of the International Symposium on Huseyin Sadettin Arel and Turkish Music, held at 13-14 of December 2017 in Istanbul

"Eastern Makams and the 'right' mode Rast" (2014) in the Polyfonia(vol.25) Athens:Cultura 

"Modern Theory and Notation of Byzantine Chanting Tradition: A Near Eastern Musicological Perspective" (2012) in the Near Eastern Musicology Online(NEMO) vol.1 Paris:Geuthner 

"Orality and Intervallic Variety in North-Eastern Mediterranean Music Idioms» (2009) in the Music (and) Theory, Arta:Publications of the Department of Traditional Music of the TEI of Epirus (vol. 5)

"The Concept of Scale in Eastern Modal Systems" (2007) in the Oralities, Arta:Publications of the Department of Traditional Music of the TEI of Epirus (vol. 3)

"Oral Musical Traditions of Greece and their Theoretical Analysis" (2006 ) in the Polyfonia(vol.8) Athens:Cultura

"Théories et pratiques modales de l’Orient: un itinéraire" (2005) (with Kokkonis, G.)in theDe la théorie à l’art de l’improvisation(Ayari, M. éd.) Paris: Delatour France 

"The Musical Language: A Comparative Approach" (2005) in the Music in the Mediterranea, Modal Classical Traditions,vol. ITheoryandPracticeThessaloniki: EnChordais