The publications of the Department of Traditional Music were put on in 2003 in the Reform Program’s framework of Undergraduate Curriculum of the DTM, which was co-funded by the EU and the Ministry of Education (EPEAEK ΙΙ). 

The function of a publishing label as non profitable attempt, that utilizes the Department’s  infrastructure and administrative services, aims at:

 - Publishing magazines, records or other kinds of electronic publications of high standard quality.

 - Enrichment of the scientific bibliography in matters related to music traditions in Greece.

- Promoting musicology and every kind of science that focuses on music culture, especially traditional culture.

- Promoting publications that support music education, especially when it is related to the music traditions of Greece.

- Promoting translations and joint-publishing with other institutions and organizations, relative to the Department’s teaching subject

- Science popularization and sharing the results of academic research.

- Promoting first of all the research program of the Department’s collaborators as well as any other researcher who works in similar fields.

- Giving the opportunity to new scientists to publish the results of their researches, supplementing to the commercial publications and supporting qualitative options.

- Creating an image for DTM that will reflect its internal dynamics and will make its activity known to the public.