Courses categories - qualitative data



Courses of General Substructure

Courses of Specific Substructure

Speciality Courses

Courses on Management, Legislation & Economy

Introduction to Ethnomusicology

Anthropology of Music

Auditory Culture

Administartive & Economic Mechanisms in the Balkans (15th-20th cent.)

History & Civilizations

Perspectives in the Study of Greek Traditional Music 

Historical Documentation & Music Research

History of the Greek State Institutions

Western Art Music

Perspectives in the Study of Greek Traditional Music ΙI

Classical Music of the East

New Hellenism: Political History, Ideology & Legislation

Music Transcription

Perspectives in the Study of Greek Traditional Music ΙΙΙ

Methodology of Research 

Μusic Production

Theory of Traditional Music Ι – Performance  Ι

Greek Art Music Composers

Didactics of the Instrument – Performance VΙI

Μedia & Music

Theory of Traditional Music ΙΙ - Performance ΙΙ

Modality & Harmonization II - Performance ΙV

Aesthetics & Pedagogy - Music Ensembles ΙV

Cultural Management

Modality & Harmonization Ι - Performance ΙΙΙ

Makam & Morphology Ι - Performance V

Music Criticism - Music Ensembles V


Μusic Pedagogy I

Μakam & Morphology ΙΙ - Performance VΙ

Midi Code in Music Informatics


Μusic Pedagogy II

Traditional Orchestras - Music Ensembles Ι

Sound Engineering & Recording Techniques


Μusic Informatics

Greek Discography -Music Ensembles ΙI

Digital Sound


Elements of Acoustics - Instrument Making

Aesthetics of Traditional Music - Music Ensembles ΙIΙ

Dance & Society


Elements of Byzantine Music - Chanting

Dance & Traditional Culture

Music Identities




Μusic Cultures around the World