Field of Study


The DTM is an educational context that focuses on traditional music as a total social phenomenon. Such an approach is based on a scientific methodology that is devoid of any suspicious ideological weight. It aims at promoting the originality, multiplicity and particularity  of traditional musics in Greece and build on them an original music education system. The Department’s main objective is the students’ musicological training on the study of every kind of greek traditional instrument and greek traditional music (popular and folk). The emphasis on Greece does not preclude the study of other music systems; rather mere significance is attributed to the music traditions of neighbouring areas (Turkey, the Balkans), of areas with which cultural interaction is well documented (Italy, The Arab world of the near east and north Africa). Furthermore, attention is paid to the study of western art music as well as the study of the world’s musics

Orality, an essential element of traditional music, is to a large degree incorporated in the curriculum through a practical approach, through learning at least one instrument. Instrument learning is based on the utilization of the experience and skills of distinguished traditional musicians who are called to transmit  as well as help to document techniques and styles that are under extinction. These musicians constitute a special staff category (Laboratory Teaching Staff) and are evaluated on the basis of their distinguished artistic work.

The duration of the studies in the Department of the Traditional Music is eight (8) semesters as foreseen/ in the PD 212/94 (GG132/Α/22.8.94).

The final semester includes the students’ wokplacement and the completion of dissertation; the latter can take either the form of an applied research project or of a more theoretically informed analysis of an issue directly related to the Department’s field of study