Music Pedagogy I

Course Title

Music Pedagogy I

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Type of Course

Compulsory, 6 hours/week, (2 theory + 2 tutorial + 2 workshop)

Course Level




ECTS Credits

7 (4+3)

 Professor (s)

 Learning Outcomes

Knowledge of the basic principles of education and historical music educating methods (Dalcroze, Orff, Kodaly, Suzuki etc).

Comprehension of the ways with which these principles can be used in order to teach music to different age groups. 

Doing activities for music pedagogy. Vocal use in music pedagogy.

Analysis of acoustics mechanisms and music performance.

Composition of the bibliography’s data for the subject of music pedagogy.

Evaluation of the best methods for each teaching challenge.

Teaching Approach

Interactive presentation – lecture by using supervisory tools. Experiential approaches

Prerequisite Courses


Recommended Courses in the Curriculum

All without exception

Course Content

Introduction to the basic principles and meanings of Experienced, Historical, Comparative and Systematic Music Redagogy. Creative activities and applications that are used during teaching music. Music teachers and music educational methods like those of Dalcroze, Orff, Kodaly, Suzuki amongs others. Historical retrospect of teaching music and of the music education science in Greece and abroad.

a)Music education creative activities. Applying and experimenting for the music teaching through performance, acoustics and composition, and selective methods of applying them in various education grades and different age groups, b) Study of modern bibliography and writing about activities and music education methods.

Introduction to singing. Vocal group exercises. Choir

Recommended Bibliography

    Fletcher P. (1991). Education and Music. New York: Oxford University Press

Κυριαζικίδου Π. (1998). Τα μουσικά σχολεία στην Ελλάδα. Θεσμικό πλαίσιο και σχολική πραγματικότητα. Θεσσαλονίκη: Παρατηρητής

Μακροπούλου, Έ. και Βαρελάς, Δ. (2001). Μουσική: το πιο συναρπαστικό παιχνίδι. Αθήνα: Fagotto

Παπαπαναγιώτου, Ξ. (2009) Ζητήματα Μουσικής Παιδαγωγικής. Θεσσαλονίκη: ΕΕΜΕ

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Σταύρου Γ. (2009). Η διδασκαλία της μουσικής στα δημοτικά σχολεία και νηπιαγωγεία της Ελλάδας (1830-2007): Τεκμήρια ιστορίας. Αθήνα: Gutenberg

Φουξ Β. (1999). Η τέχνη του τραγουδιού και η τεχνική της φωνής. Αθήνα: Ζαχαρόπουλος

Learning Exercises

Hearing/Audition, performance and composition. Vocal performing

Teaching Methods

Teaching participation with the use of supervisory tools. Experiential approaches.

 Criteria and Methods of Evaluation

In the Workshop, performance evaluation. In the Tutorial, comprehension of music education methods and making original proposals. In Theory, written examination at the end of the semester.

 Teaching Language