Music Cultures around the World


Course Title

Music Cultures around the World

Course Code


Type of Course

Compulsory Selective Course, 5 hours/week (3 theory+2workshop)

Course level




ECTS Credits

5 (3+2)

Professor (-s)

Learning Outcomes

Knowledge related to various music cultures and styles of the world. A selective review of the main musical genres in the world, particularly those of oral tradition.

Comprehension of the cultural frameworks in which the music traditions develop.

Classification of genres and aesthetics related to definition and study of oral traditions.

Analysis of issues of artistic expression, ethnological and social peculiarities etc.

Data composition with comparative case studies

Evaluation of this data for the formulation of interpretive proposals.

Teaching Approach

Formation/joint-formation of the course’s subject with students: discussion based on stimulus that derive from the professor’s lecture and from possible questions or comments by students.

Use of audiovisual material.

Prerequisite Courses

Recommended Courses in the Curriculum

Anthropology of Music
Introduction to Ethnomusicology
Auditory Culture
History and Civilizations
Music and Media
Musical  Identities
Music Pedagogy I- II
Dance and Society

Course Content

Historical overview of European, Asian, African, American, Oceanic traditional music cultures. Music systems and typologies. Local music idioms. Typical forms and conditions of performance. Modern music production and innovative formats. Jazz music. Rock music. Presentation and analysis of characteristic examples.

Recommended Bibliography

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Learning Exercises

Group projects and oral presentations during the course.

Teaching Methods

Interactive  method.

Experiential approach

Criteria and Methods of Evaluation

Written examination at the end of the semester

Teaching Language