Greek Art Music Composers


Course Title

Greek Art Music Composers

Course Code


Type of Course

Mandatory, 4 hours/week, (2 theory + 2 workshop)

Course Level





6 (3+3)

Professor ( -s )

Kokkonis George

Learning Outcomes

To familiarize students with the field of Greek Art music; to encourage them to consider the position of folk and traditional music in terms of style and aesthetics as well as ideology

Teaching Approach

Interactive presentation/lecture that is supported by hearing and analysis of selected music samples used as examples taken from an associated Greek Art Music repertoire.

Prerequisite Courses

Western Art Music

Recommended Courses in the Curriculum

Historical Documentation and Music Research
History and Civilizations
History of the Balkans: Administrative and Financial Mechanisms in the Balkans (15th-20th cent.)
History of the Greek State Institutions
Methodology of Research
Music Identities
New Hellenism: Political History, Ideology and Legislation
Perspectives in the Study of Greek Traditional Music I-III
Western Art Music

Course Content


The birth of Greek Art Music: the Ioanian School. National School and the Kalomiris circle. Relations between Greek National School and folk tradition. Ideology, aesthetics, politics. The 1930s generation and the Great Idea. Modernism in Greek Art Music: Skalkotas, Mitropoulos, Christou and current trends. Electronic and electroacoustic music and their relation to folk music. Opera - musical comedy and folk songs. 


Analysis of Greek Art Music Composers Masterpieces

Recommended Bibliography

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Learning Exercises

Home hearing and analysis of music examples from the indicative discography given in class.

Teaching Methods

The lesson is based on a tripartite teaching, with the participation of students in conversation.

Criteria and Methods of evaluation

Written examinations at the end of the semester. The comprehension of all matters related to the study of traditional music culture (theory), as well as the ability of detailed presentation of music idioms (workshop).

Teaching Language